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"No kid is unsmart, Every kid's a genius at something. Our job is to find it and then encourage it."
Keeping this motto in mind, association has organised some programmes time to time. Without any involvement politics, castism and groupism, all members of AAS are successfully involved in organizing various programs of social welfare as per their abilities. The fact that, social service can never be complete, is well known. But we the members of "AAS" are presenting the details of some social welfare works, which are organized by AAS. It is true that all these service works are incomplete without the help and inspiration of you. We not only hope but have full faith that you always have given your support and blessings to us and it will also remain in future. The Foundation is an independent charity to assist those families who, have a child diagnosed with severe disabilities. From their direct experiences of the complexities of finding treatments and undergoing therapies or simply locating appropriate information, they felt they could do something to assist others in the same situation.

The parents of severely disabled children often face formidable problems and can endure lonely searches for treatments and help. The AAS family's experience of years of isolation, frustration and exhaustion is typical of thousands of others. The Foundation was born out of a wish to create what they lacked: real assistance and a place to go from the earliest diagnosis. This wish is currently realised through the creation of an information resource centre and in the future, will be realised, through the provision of centers for meeting, treatments, play and encouragement and to give them all facilities in their daily life.

There is a great need for accessible, useful and unbiased data on treatment and research, particularly in the fields of complementary and alternative medicine. The Foundation's first aim was to address this requirement with a single, interdisciplinary source of current information. The Information Centre is now established, and growing. Especially aimed at handicapped children and disabled children. We cover conventional and complementary/ alternative needs.

We have three main aims:
To provide them education and fulfill their daily needs.
To establish them in their lives.
To give them focus for their future.

The AAS relies on charitable donations to do their work and to try to provide independent, comprehensive and unbiased information. We urgently need funding for our ambitious plans to make a real difference in the lives of affected children and their families. Please see How You Can Help.
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04 Feb
Time: 11.00 am
Location: Shah Auditorium, Raj Niwas Marg, Civil Lines, Delhi - 110 054