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1234 A 12th AB. Lorum Ipsum,
NY, 123456
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Teacher's Day- Organisation honours the teachers and brilliant students on the teacher's day so that the students can be represent infront of society for their bright future.

Annual Day (AAS KA PARYAS)- Organisation distributes hearing aids, wheel chairs, brail paper, blind sticks, chairs, school uniforms, stationary and daily need products to the childrens as many as possible. It also gives scholarships to meritorius students. It honours social workers(dedicated to social welfare) with AAS awards. Foundation organises competitions of cutural programmes for handicapped childrens and honours them on various stages.

Self Defense Training.- Because of vulnerable situation of women and children various provisions have been placed in the constitution and laws are framed for their protection. Various issues that seriously affect them are

Summer Training Activity-
English Language Workshop
Drawing Workshop
Music Workshop
Ice Cream Making
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04 Feb
Time: 11.00 am
Location: Shah Auditorium, Raj Niwas Marg, Civil Lines, Delhi - 110 054